At Liberty Ranch

Adoption means something to us. As we felt prompted to adopt, we realized that we had the resources and the passion to support families in our community. After many conversations and prayer, we decided to start our non-profit organization, dedicated to adoptive families who are looking for positive, faith-building experiences. Our services provide connections that give families the freedom to heal from the inside out. 



For a time, At Liberty Ranch founder, Emma Smoot, believed that happiness came from being able to go where she wanted and do what she wanted, when she wanted to do it. She soon learned this idea failed to bring lasting or complete joy. “Liberty” means a kind of freedom or independence from captivity. Before we feel liberated, we must have first experienced a kind of captivity. When we are truly free, liberty becomes the ultimate joy.

Emma struggled with anxiety throughout her life, and some of the darkest times were those when she felt captive to anxiety—ruled by those negative emotions. Her deepest joy has come from being free in mind and heart—free from trauma, doubt, anxiety, fear, lies, and past mistakes. Emma discovered that liberty is available only through Jesus Christ. 

As a non-profit organization, our goal is to assist others in liberating their minds and hearts. At Liberty Ranch is for families who have been affected by adoption, including birthmothers and adopted children. We believe there is power in working with horses—horses that have the ability to mirror our heartbeat and can sense our emotions. Learning to work with horses encourages confidence. Riding "at liberty” means riding without a saddle or bridle. With this method, the rider and the horse connect and work together. Those we work with will identify how to "remove the saddles from their horses,” in order to move more freely in their lives and find more peace and joy. 

We recognize that trauma affects many adoptees and birthmothers and want to honor their experiences. For this reason, we dedicate At Liberty Ranch to families impacted by adoption. We cultivate an environment of healing, learning, and fun. We teach mind management principles developed by Dennis Parker, who, as the owner of a certified hypnotherapy training school, has 25 years of experience. Emma, a certified hypnotherapist on site, uses Parker’s proven techniques. These tools coupled with horse and rider interactions aid in liberating the mind and heart of pain. We teach principles for living a life more 'at liberty.’ Most importantly we believe a focus on Jesus Christ is essential to healing and lasting change.